The new Whalley logo

The new Whalley logo

From the outset I wanted to infuse my old heritage with my contemporary lifestyle and so looked to my Whalley Coat of Arms for inspiration. My grandfather fought in World War II and was a war hero at the Battle of Dunkirk and I wanted to honor his bravery within the brand.

Whalley is an ancient Norman name that arrived in England after the Norman conquest of 1066. The Whalley Family lived in Lancashire, in the township of Whalley, while Whaley is a small town in Derbyshire.

The surname Whalley was first found in Lancashire where they were descended from Wyamarus Whalley, who accompanied William the Conqueror, from Normandy, and was the Standard Bearer at the Battle of Hastings. The Conqueror gave him the Lordship of Whalley in the county of Lancaster. In 1296 an Abbot and about 20 monks arrived in Whalley to create a church that would become Whalley Abbey. One of the census records of the name was Robert de Whalley who died before 1193 and was listed as the rector of Rochdale.

There are only three Whalley families that moved to Ireland and my family is one of them.

Working with the main element of the coat of arms the ‘Three Whales’ the whales tail logo was formed with a ‘W’ placed inside it.

Logos and emblems have been a passion of mine from early childhood as I remember drawing them to practice my skills as an artist from when I started art in school until completing a degree at the University of Ulster in Design.


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